An Eco-Friendly Gem In The city – Avigna Celeste Chennai

An Eco-Friendly Gem In The city – Avigna Celeste Chennai

One of the visions of the entire township is to be as much a part of nature as possible.  This doesn’t stop at keeping the roads clean, dustbins at regular intervals and daily cleaning/sweeping.  It goes far beyond that.

The extensive greenery around each Villa and apartment, trees down the road, gardens and the playing areas, park and so on.  This greenery not only keeps the area a little cooler than the normal temperature, it also adds a large volume of oxygen day in and day out.  The lungs of the villa.


The breeze blows well across the colony, making ventilations in each of the homes very refreshing.  It is a pleasant experience to sit by the window and feel a closeness to nature.

Solar panels are used extensively to allay electrical costs, all this without taking away green cover or removing from the sea breeze every villa receives.  There are hills just behind the township which help create a funneling effect.

Within each house the windows are set up to the roof, not a foot or three below it.  This not only helps receive as much natural light and wind as possible but is also beneficial from a health point of view.

It is not all about planting trees and gardens either, Avigna maintains every blade of grass and all plants and trees using the DEWATS (Decentralized Wastewater Treatment) system to water them.  This slightly scary acronym translates into an even scarier full form.  Decentralised natural waste water treatment.  This reduces the particles in the water five times lower than the government required level.


The air is definitely cleaner here, given that the density of houses and volume of traffic is far lesser than the heart of the city.  It is a pleasure to jog in the early mornings on the track surrounded by grass and the calling of birds.  Avigna Villas are a dream come true for those with nature in their heart.

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