In and Out of Home For Healthy Reasons – Avigna Celeste Chennai

In and Out of Home For Healthy Reasons – Avigna Celeste Chennai

Covering 45 acres of ground area, and surrounded by lush greenery, the Celeste colony is a gem in a sea of green.  That feel of being one with nature continues inside the colony as well.  The walking track goes along grass with a border of trees, the decoration of foliage along the roads and entrance are arrangements pleasing to the eye.

Celeste township aims to be a place where it’s residents can stay safe and foster their individual talents.  Individual growth is easy without leaving the colony.  There are an assorted array of activities in the colony to promote learning, creativity and physical and mental health.

There is more than ample opportunity for excuses to go out of the house.  The large number of amenities within the colony will rekindle old interests, or spark new ones.

There is a meditation hall for those who feel that benefits a part of their life.   A health spa and salon also offers opportunities to sit in one place and unwind.  A library provides books to sit on the grass and read.


 For those who prefer more physical exercise there is a fully equipped gym and fitness center to start with, there is also an indoor swimming pool, international standards.  Which means you can either drop in after a workout, have a full-fledged work out there or just bring the family for some fun.

An astounding seven kilometers of jogging track ( no motor vehicles allowed ) give our residents the opportunity of clear green space to walk or jog in.

Tennis, cricket and basketball are team games which the society offers space for.  Not only will this encourage children to go out and play, keeping them healthier and fostering team spirit early on, it will also give the adults a chance to stretch muscles and keep their fitness going.  If it’s raining during your exercise time, no problems.  Other than the gym there are also table tennis and badminton indoors.  Less physically strenuous activities would be billiards and pool.

Table Tennis

  To round off the package of health, an indoor pharmacy exists while Nobel Hospitals are building a branch within the colony.  The Celeste colony provides initiative, opportunity and safety to live a healthy lifestyle.  From a health perspective our residents are covered.


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