Retirement home at Avigna Celeste

Retirement home at Avigna Celeste

Peace of mind, relief from backbreaking household chores, fresh air, closeness to nature, company of like-minded people, and a focus on physical and mental health – these are the things that senior citizens wish for once they are past their prime. Avigna Celeste, a township located near Mahindra World City, offers all these and more to senior citizens. The facilities and freedom that one can find here make this township an ideal retirement home for senior citizens looking for a stress-free life.

“If you’re a senior citizen who wants to spend the rest of your life in a peaceful and relaxed manner, you can come live Avigna Celeste without any second thoughts.”

Meet Mrs. Seetha, a 61 year old lady, who is a happy resident of Avigna Celeste. She used to live with her son, Meenakshi Sundaram, in an apartment close to Tambaram Sanatorium. However, she recently opted to leave the hustle-bustle of urban life to live amidst the lush greenery in a picturesque location.

This move has proven to be beneficial for Mrs. Seetha because she can now focus more on her health and relaxation. She and the other residents of the township wake up early in the morning to walk inside the perimeter of the township. Describing their daily walking regimen and route, Mrs. Seetha says, “Daily, at 6AM, we commence our walking routine, which starts at the entrance of the township, leads to the park, proceeds to the clubhouse road, covers the road near the school, and concludes at our residences. This township is conducive for walking regularly.” The numerous trees within the township ensure that the residents get their daily dose of fresh air, coolness, and peace first thing in the morning.

Another crucial requirement for people residing anywhere is the availability of household provisions and other essential services in close proximity. This need is taken care of as perfectly as possible at Avigna Celeste. The grocery store situated inside the township is spacious, well-stocked, and easily accessible, ensuring convenience for the residents. Besides, there is also a van that ferries residents to the Paranur railway station, in case they wish to travel to the city. The van ferries people to hospitals too, when required.
Shedding light on the other important facilities at Avigna township.

Mrs. Seetha says, “We enjoy round-the-clock water supply and housekeeping assistance here. This property is under the constant surveillance of 50 security personnel. We enjoy both essential facilities as well as luxuries here. In fact, last year, the whole of Chennai was flooded due to massive rains, but there wasn’t a drop of floodwater here. That’s how well-planned and well-constructed this property is.”

Similarly, another important factor that matters to senior citizens is proximity to places of worship. The locality in which Avigna Celeste is situated houses temples of deities, such as Lord Bairava, Lord Shiva, and Goddess Karumari Amman, besides the famous Thiruvadisoolam temple. Apart from these Hindu temples, there are churches and mosques too in the locality, making it easy for people of all religions to practice their faith.

The aforementioned facilities are just the tip of the iceberg in the case of Avigna Celeste. The property developers strive hard to ensure that residents enjoy a convenient and comfortable lifestyle throughout. The ongoing efforts aimed at achieving this goal include the construction of a hospital within the township. Mrs. Seetha sums up her experience of life in Avigna Celeste with the following words: “If you’re a senior citizen who wants to spend the rest of your life in a peaceful and relaxed manner, you can come live Avigna Celeste without any second thoughts.”

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