Happy homes at Avigna celeste

Happy homes at Avigna celeste

There’s an age old saying that goes “You can’t have the cake and eat it too.” Apply this saying to the residential market scene in India. If you need access to all essential facilities and fun places, you have to be in the city and give up on the calm and relaxation that you’d find in a place that’s close to nature. If proximity to nature is what you need, then you have to give up on easy access to essential facilities. But what if you can get both best-of-class facilities AND proximity to nature at the same place? Wouldn’t you be having the cake and eating it too? Well, that’s exactly what the residents of Avigna Celeste enjoying right now.

Avigna township is not just surrounded by nature’s bounty outside, it’s filled with similar bounties inside too. Talking about the complications that arise due to living in a concrete jungle, Devarajulu, an IT consultant and a resident of Avigna Celeste, says, “Two things are going to be big challenges in the city: pure oxygen and drinking water. These were the two factors I mainly focused on while checking out Villas at Avigna Celeste. We get plenty of pure oxygen here. I used to often get migraines when I lived in the city. It’s been four months since we moved to this township, and I haven’t faced such health problems so far. This signifies a great improvement in my health.”

Dr. Raja Ram, who works at Chengalpet Medical College and also lives in a Villa at Avigna Celeste, echoes the same opinion. “In our day-to-day mechanical lives, we tend to move farther away from nature. But Avigna Celeste is really close to nature. I used to follow an annual ritual of visiting a resort for relaxation, but after moving to Avigna Celeste, I haven’t felt the need to do so. I feel like I’m already living in a resort. The houses here are well-ventilated and well-lit. Because the township is close to nature, we always lead a calm and peaceful life,” he says.

Now, being closer to nature comes from being away from the concrete jungle. Does being on the outskirts of Chennai affect access to essential facilities? At Avigna Celeste, it certainly doesn’t. The township a well-stocked supermarket called Grocery Basket, and a super-specialty hospital that is part of the Noble Hospitals chain. Besides these two amenities, the township also houses a central kitchen that serves all houses.

When it comes to security, the township offers round-the-clock vigilance, enabled by its fleet of 50 security personnel. Commenting on the security aspect, 50 years old lady says, “I like walking, especially around 9.30 to 10 in the night. In our earlier residence in the city, I never felt safe doing this activity. Chain-snatching was an always looming threat there. But the scene is completely different at Avigna Celeste. I feel completely safe during my walks, even while wearing jewels.” That speaks volumes about the security levels at Avigna Celeste, doesn’t it?

What more, you ask? What if we told you that there’s a school inside Avigna Celeste’s compounds? Yes, you read that right. Avigna Celeste also houses a branch of the famous Maharishi Vidya Mandir chain of schools. Affiliated to the CBSE system, this school currently offers education to students from KG to standard X.

Provisions? Check.

Fresh air and pure water? Check.

24×7 security? Check.

Education? Check.

Fun and recreation for people of all ages? Check.

Sports? Check.

Medical facilities? Check.

What more does one need to lead a happy and relaxed life?

The ongoing efforts of Avigna Properties’ management to provide high levels of comfort and a healthy lifestyle is commended by all residents alike. At Avigna Celeste, residents for sure have the cake and eat it too. You should come over to see it for yourself, because seeing is believing.


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