About Mahindra World City – Avigna Celeste

About Mahindra World City – Avigna Celeste

One of the most crucial aspects of real estate and property development is planning. In fact, a clear, well-defined, and foresighted plan is an absolute deal clincher for most property buyers. On that vein, the residents of Avigna Celeste have been enjoying the benefits of not one, but two such well-planned properties: Avigna Celeste itself and Mahindra World City.


Located about 4 km away from Avigna Celeste, Mahindra World City is a massive industrial cum residential township spread across a whopping 1,550 acres of land. This expansive township houses over 64 companies employing a total of over 37,000 employees, and about 8,000 residential properties. Some well-known companies that have set up production/operations base here are BMW, Capgemini, Fujitech, Infosys, Renault-Nissan, Tech Mahindra, TVS Group, and Wipro.

One of the most noteworthy facets of Mahindra World City is the balance between industrialization and natural bounty it offers. Surrounded by mountains and filled with huge bodies of water, this township is a town to behold both inside and from outside.



Mahindra World City boasts of an on-campus railway station called Paranur Railway Station. There is a bus ferry service from this station to Avigna Celeste, which makes it easy for the residents to travel to Chennai as and when required.

Besides, Mahindra World City is located on NH-32, better known as the Golden Quadrilateral, making the township easily accessible by road. The Chennai International Airport is about 35 km away and the Chennai Harbour is about 55 km away. Thus, the township is well-connected through almost all important modes of transport.

The township also contains a school called Mahindra World School, which has about 850 students and 65 teachers. The best part about this school is that admissions are not restricted just to children of people working inside Mahindra World City; even residents living in nearby localities can enroll their children in this school.

MWC Club, which is a part of the township, provides various recreational and social amenities, such as swimming pool, tennis court, arena for indoor games, spa, multi-cuisine restaurant, reading lounge etcetera. Here, the employees get to unwind as much as they work hard. Mahindra World City’s proximity to Avigna Celeste is a key factor that you need to consider in your decision-making process. Ask any resident of Avigna Celeste, and they’d say that they love this particular neighbour.

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