Is it better to buy an apartment or a Villa ?

Is it better to buy an apartment or a Villa ?

One investment that makes even the most whimsical spender think twice, thrice, or even twenty times before giving a “yes” is a residential property. When you invest in a house, you’re not just buying a structure made of bricks, steel rods, and cement; you’re buying a space that will remain close to your heart for many years to come. This is where you’ll make most of your memories; this is where you’ll see your children grow up; this is where you’ll always have a space for yourself. True to what a well-known adage says, home is where the heart is. Therefore, it is crucial to weigh all the pros and cons of property options before making the investment. True to what another well-known adage says, you must think before you leap.


So, you’ve decided to invest in a residential property. What type of property suits you best: a villa or a flat in an apartment complex? Worry not, we’ll help you in your decision-making.

Read the following questions and select one option. Note down the number of ‘A’s and ‘B’s you select.

– How important is privacy to you?
A: Privacy matters a lot to me. My house is my exclusive world. I do not like intrusions.
B: Privacy is the least of my concerns. I prefer and want to be part of a community.


– How flexible is your budget?
A: Very much flexible. I can loosen the purse strings if required.
B: I’m on a fixed budget. I can’t exceed the set limit.

– How much does customization, both inside and outside the property, matter to you?
A: Customization matters a lot to me. Remember? My house is my world. I want to be able to customize it whenever I want, however I want.
B: I wouldn’t want to customize the property much. Maybe just a bit in the inside.

– How close to the main city do you want your house be?
A: Doesn’t matter much. My place of work is in the outskirts. I’d rather be away from the hustle-bustle of the city.
B: I want my house to be inside the city. My workplace and my kid’s school are inside the city.

– Are you willing to pay extra for security on an ongoing basis?
A: Yes. I don’t mind having a separate security for my house. I can pay a monthly fee too.
B: No. I want physical security to be one of the benefits I get along with my purchase of the house. I don’t want to pay extra for it.

– Do you want special amenities, such as swimming pool, gymnasium, park, club house etc.?
A: Not really. I don’t mind spending for any of these if I require them later.
B: These amenities would be a great advantage. I’d love to have easy access to them.

Did you select an option for each question? Now, let’s evaluate your responses.

If you selected more ‘A’s than ‘B’s, you should go for independent villas. This property type promises more privacy and liberty, ease of customization, and peace of mind due to being away from the city. However, you might have to spend more on requirements, such as security and amenities.

If you selected more ‘B’s than ‘A’s, you can, without second thoughts, buy a flat in an apartment complex. Unlike villas, apartments can be found inside the city too. They cost lesser than villas, ensure access to various facilities, and provide a sense of community from day one. But on the flip side, they do not provide sufficient privacy.
One important thing you need to note here is that these are not the only property types available. Residential properties like Avigna Celeste bring the best of both worlds. Townships of Avigna Celeste’s magnitude accommodate both apartment complexes as well as villas. When it comes to buying residential properties in such comfortable and vast spaces, you can directly make the leap without thinking.

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