Ready-to-occupy Villas

Ready-to-occupy Villas

If you buy an independent house, you end up compromising on support from neighbours and a sense of community. If you buy an apartment, you end up compromising on privacy and personal space. How do you solve this conundrum and arrive at a solution that offers the best of both worlds? After all, company and community are as important as privacy is.


Ready-to-occupy villas provide the answer.

These types of houses perfectly balance privacy and company. You own an independent house that is still set inside a township or a gated community. This way, you can forge meaningful relationships with your neighbours, without their invading your privacy or your invading theirs. Be it a new occupant or an old resident of the township, you can get to know them all and evaluate the nature of the neighbourhood.

This balance between privacy and community is not the only benefit that ready-to-occupy villas provide. When you choose villas constructed by experienced real estate developers, such as Avigna Properties, you stand to enjoy many more benefits as follow.

First, when it comes to evaluating the layout of the villa, you’re not given an illustrated plan on paper; you’re instead shown the villa itself. This provision leaves no space for imaginations, assumptions, or unrealistic expectations. The villa itself is in front of you, easing your decision-making process.

Another huge advantage is that all housing loan formalities are processed without any hassles. All necessary documentation is prepared by the builders, consuming minimal time for loan processing and disbursement of money. Additionally, because the villa is fully constructed, you do not lose money on pre-EMIs. Your very first repayment to the bank is the actual EMI associated with the loan, and not the pre-EMI. Moreover, it is common knowledge that housing loans help save a major chunk of income tax.

Irrespective of whether you occupy the villa or rent it out to somebody else, you still stand to reap monetary benefits from your investment. If you occupy the villa, you save money on rent. If you rent the villa out to someone, you have a source of money for your EMI repayment. Either way, the investment is a win-win.

If a township is like a galaxy, villas are like little planets. By investing in a villa, you get your own, cosy, little world with neighbouring worlds.

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