How to Get Your Kids off Electronic Gadgets?

How to Get Your Kids off Electronic Gadgets?

Gone are the days when we would say “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The growth of IT has largely influenced the interests of kids. They are hooked to electronic gadgets, playing video games or crushing candies inside their bedrooms instead of playing outdoor games. With time, these kids become couch potatoes and end up being obese. The situation is so grave that we are forced to train kids to enjoy sports and outdoor activities.

In school, physical activities are sidelined. This is because of the pressure to excel in academics and the lack of adequate space. Another concern is that even if kids are interested in outdoor sports, modern housing rarely allocates ample space for kids to play around.  Most urban houses are matchbox structures that provide hardly any space for kids.

As parents, it is your responsibility to realize that kids require the right environment to boost their energy and nurture their interests. The solution to this concern lies in the search for the right township that offers ample space and eco-friendly environment.

As responsible builders, Avigna properties gives due importance to healthy living. All Avigna projects offer exclusive children’s play area with adequate amenities to keep your kids engaged. The indoor badminton and table tennis courts provide facilities to kids interested in these sports. Avigna also takes pride in the Avigna Sports Village at Avigna Celeste. This sports village provides professional infrastructure and coaching to encourage your kids to excel in the sport of their choice. You don’t need to look for a separate sports facility to send your kids after school. Not just that, with a wide variety of sports facilities available, kids have more choice to try out new sports. Isn’t this a perfect solution to your otherwise gadget-crazy kids?

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