How to Get Your Kids off Electronic Gadgets?

Gone are the days when we would say “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The growth of IT has largely influenced the interests of kids. They are hooked to electronic gadgets, playing video games or crushing candies inside their bedrooms instead of playing outdoor games. With time, these kids become couch […]


How is Community Living Good for You?

It is every person’s dream to buy a home where there is security and a sense of belonging, along with good infrastructure. Though traditionally we lived in communities, modern life, search for employment, and busy working hours have robbed us of our time from socializing. Things have started looking better now. Community living is gaining […]


Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, and Happy Life at Avigna

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”, says Buddha. Your mind and body are connected closely. Interestingly, psychologists say that the key to good health is in your mind. There is a feedback loop between the mind and the body […]


Why You Should Invest in a Retirement Home Now ?

If you’re someone whose source of income is limited to monthly salary, it’s important to prepare for life after retirement. You need to work continuously like the ant at the right time and cannot afford to slack like the grasshopper does in the well-known fable for children. Therefore, investing wisely is an imperative for you […]


Avigna Sports Village

Quick quiz: Which place in Chennai provides an expansive professional infrastructure for people to practice and play a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports? YMCA is an obvious answer. Is there another such venue in this whole wide city? We doubt it. There are multiple open spaces for sports, but they have their own […]


Ready-to-occupy Villas

If you buy an independent house, you end up compromising on support from neighbours and a sense of community. If you buy an apartment, you end up compromising on privacy and personal space. How do you solve this conundrum and arrive at a solution that offers the best of both worlds? After all, company and […]


Is it better to buy an apartment or a Villa ?

One investment that makes even the most whimsical spender think twice, thrice, or even twenty times before giving a “yes” is a residential property. When you invest in a house, you’re not just buying a structure made of bricks, steel rods, and cement; you’re buying a space that will remain close to your heart for […]


Happy homes at Avigna celeste

There’s an age old saying that goes “You can’t have the cake and eat it too.” Apply this saying to the residential market scene in India. If you need access to all essential facilities and fun places, you have to be in the city and give up on the calm and relaxation that you’d find […]


Life at Avigna Celeste

“Life in Avigna Celeste is very good” A good residential property is one that fulfills the needs and wants of all people, irrespective of their age, gender, religion, language, and other such factors. In the previous blog post, we showed you how Avigna Celeste is the ideal retirement home for senior citizens. If senior citizens […]


Retirement home at Avigna Celeste

Peace of mind, relief from backbreaking household chores, fresh air, closeness to nature, company of like-minded people, and a focus on physical and mental health – these are the things that senior citizens wish for once they are past their prime. Avigna Celeste, a township located near Mahindra World City, offers all these and more […]