Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, and Happy Life at Avigna

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”, says Buddha. Your mind and body are connected closely. Interestingly, psychologists say that the key to good health is in your mind. There is a feedback loop between the mind and the body […]


In and Out of Home For Healthy Reasons – Avigna Celeste Chennai

Covering 45 acres of ground area, and surrounded by lush greenery, the Celeste colony is a gem in a sea of green.  That feel of being one with nature continues inside the colony as well.  The walking track goes along grass with a border of trees, the decoration of foliage along the roads and entrance […]


An Eco-Friendly Gem In The city – Avigna Celeste Chennai

One of the visions of the entire township is to be as much a part of nature as possible.  This doesn’t stop at keeping the roads clean, dustbins at regular intervals and daily cleaning/sweeping.  It goes far beyond that. The extensive greenery around each Villa and apartment, trees down the road, gardens and the playing […]