Ready-to-occupy Villas

If you buy an independent house, you end up compromising on support from neighbours and a sense of community. If you buy an apartment, you end up compromising on privacy and personal space. How do you solve this conundrum and arrive at a solution that offers the best of both worlds? After all, company and […]


Is it better to buy an apartment or a Villa ?

One investment that makes even the most whimsical spender think twice, thrice, or even twenty times before giving a “yes” is a residential property. When you invest in a house, you’re not just buying a structure made of bricks, steel rods, and cement; you’re buying a space that will remain close to your heart for […]


About Mahindra World City – Avigna Celeste

One of the most crucial aspects of real estate and property development is planning. In fact, a clear, well-defined, and foresighted plan is an absolute deal clincher for most property buyers. On that vein, the residents of Avigna Celeste have been enjoying the benefits of not one, but two such well-planned properties: Avigna Celeste itself […]


All in one community of your dreams – Avigna Celeste Chennai

One of the more important aspects of regular life can be coming back home from work, changing and rushing off again.  Avigna Township in Chennai has all your daily needs inside a secure environment.  Once you come home from work you will rarely have to step out of the colony. The Avigna Celeste villas inside […]


In and Out of Home For Healthy Reasons – Avigna Celeste Chennai

Covering 45 acres of ground area, and surrounded by lush greenery, the Celeste colony is a gem in a sea of green.  That feel of being one with nature continues inside the colony as well.  The walking track goes along grass with a border of trees, the decoration of foliage along the roads and entrance […]


An Eco-Friendly Gem In The city – Avigna Celeste Chennai

One of the visions of the entire township is to be as much a part of nature as possible.  This doesn’t stop at keeping the roads clean, dustbins at regular intervals and daily cleaning/sweeping.  It goes far beyond that. The extensive greenery around each Villa and apartment, trees down the road, gardens and the playing […]