Resort homes in Chennai – Avigna Celeste Chennai

Clean roads, dustbins at regular intervals and daily cleaning/sweeping of the community area. The desire to leave a low ecological footprint and high cleanliness goes far beyond that at Avigna Villas in Chennai. A FIFA standard football field, extensive park area, large numbers of trees left standing with houses/amenities designed around them, and gardens to […]

Homes fostering the mind and body – Avigna Celeste Chennai

Covering 45 acres of ground area, and surrounded by lush greenery, the Celeste community area is a gem in a sea of green. That feel of being one with nature continues inside the campus as well. The walking track goes along grass with a border of trees, the decoration of foliage along the roads and […]

All Your Needs At The Doorstep – Avigna Celeste Chennai

During the recent Chennai flooding there was no water accumulation issues in the community. This is because the entire community is built on a slight slope designed to drain surface water away. Forward thinking vision like this has helped Avigna Celeste Villas in Chennai become one of the better interfaced housing communities. One of the […]